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KC Copiers

L. F., Print Shop Manager

Community College, greater Kansas City area

Our office has been doing business with KC Copiers for nearly ten years. The longevity of our contract with KC Copiers is indicative of the company’s stability and reliability. The copy machines supplied through KC Copiers are cost effective and dependable.

However, as with any machine, mechanical problems do periodically arise. All malfunctions with any of the ten copiers we have on campus are repaired by KC Copiers in a timely and professional manner.

Response times are routinely under three hours and regularly under one hour. These actions are crucial in our environment where we deal with time-sensitive materials. The responding service technicians are competent, professional, good-natured, and courteous.

E. D., Office Manager

Church, Kansas City MO

In late winter of 2003, after numerous problems and frustrations with the copier systems we had been using for nearly two years, we decided to make a change. After extensive research, we found KC Copiers to be the best buy in all aspects. The salesman was concise and to the point, and I felt as though the information he presented was truthful (had experienced the opposite with other companies.) The price was significantly lower than any other quotes we had received. We have been using the machines since April of 2004, and are very pleased with both are choice of copier/printers as well as with the service we receive from KC Copiers. The options available on the Konica 7150 exceeded our expectations as well as did our Konica 7065, which we wanted for back up. Both machines are very reliable and in the rare occurrence of an issue, a service technician arrives quickly. The technicians also are very knowledgeable of the machines and are able to diagnose and repair the problem swiftly and efficiently. Supply orders are carried out equally well.

I would, without a doubt, recommend KC Copiers and in the future, when it is time to upgrade from the systems we have, they will have my business. For further information, please feel free to contact me.

B. B., Accounting Manager

Title Company, Kansas City MO

KC Copiers, Inc. has sold to us and serviced all our high volume XEROX and digital Konica copiers since 2001. We are very pleased with the service and reliability of KC Copiers. The time of calling for service and time of arrival to perform service is very important for our high volume offices and they have been efficient in meeting our needs.

The copiers have performed well, and, if we ever have any problems their technicians are prompt, professional, efficient and courteous. Supply orders are handled equally well, and the management and sales staff are caring, and intuitive to our needs. The company has been a pleasure to work with, and I recommend them without reservation.

C. C., Chief Financial Officer

Manufacturing Company, Olathe KS

Thank you for educating us on the value benefits of refurbished copiers. With a machine that has been significantly upgraded over our past copier, we are able to save time by performing more jobs in one location. As well, the added convenience of having a connected machine allows many of the functions to be managed right from our desktops. KC Copiers made it possible for us to upgrade the level of equipment without sacrificing our budget. When you add the convenience and labor saving on top of that, we have come out ahead. We look forward to working with KC Copiers for many years to come. I have already recommended you to several other companies and would strongly encourage any one in the market for a copier to consider the benefits of dealing with KC Copiers, Inc.

C. B., Coordinator

Pubic School District, greater Kansas City area

Our association with KC Copiers began at the start of the 2003-2004 school year, when the District Copy Center became a part of our duties. Since our copy experience was limited; the company willingly provided necessary training to get us started. During the past year and a half, we have consistently received prompt, courteous, high quality service.

Last spring, when we decided to investigate the possibility of replacing one of our analog copiers with a digital model, KC Copiers provided us with all needed model information and offered an excellent contract. They have been great about following through on what was promised and on finding solutions to our needs. We have been well pleased with quality of copies and additional options the digital copier offers our clientele.

When phoning KC Copiers office, Audrey handles all service needs, and she is always pleasant, helpful, and reliable. Because of her attitude, we never feel hesitant or uncomfortable about placing a service call.

Our copy equipment is far from new and receives moderately heavy usage. Since we must provide consistently high quality copies, we often request servicing on both machines. This has given us a chance to meet and work with the KC Copiers service technicians, who are a pleasure to work with. They really listen as we describe a problem and are diligent in their effort to find a solution.

Perhaps we can summarize by saying it is always a positive experience working with the entire staff of KC Copiers, Inc.

T. E., Owner

Printing Company, Overland Park KS

As a business owner for over three and a half years, I have been with KC Copiers from day one. They have helped me purchase the equipment I need and have always been willing to do whatever it takes to help my company grow.

Service technicians are always professional, on time, and make sure that our machines are running at full potential. There have been times that we have needed them over the week-end or after hours and they have always been there at out service, to make sure we were able to meet our deadlines.

In closing, I have been in the copier industry going on nine years in various positions. Over this period, I have never worked with a company that goes the extra mile like KC Copiers does. It had always, and I am confident, always will be a pleasurable experience.

F. G., Operator

Retail Corporate Office, Kansas City MO

We have been using KC Copiers, Inc. to keep our 1090 and 5680 Xerox copiers in good running order. The technicians are very good about their service. They usually provide same day service and if they are held up in any way, I will always get a call advising me that they are on another job and will get to me ASAP. I would highly recommend this company.

V. J., Human Resources

Manufacturing Company, Kansas City MO

We have been very pleased with the service and equipment that we have from KC Copiers, Inc. We have refurbished equipment and have been pleased with its performance and durability. The service that we have needed has been minimal. When we needed service, it has been quick and efficient. The people at KC Copiers have been pleasant and helpful to work with.

Please contact KCCI for specific contact information if you would like to speak to any of these or other KCCI references directly.